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Lynn’s story

'My name is Lynn. My husband and I have been fostering for the past four years. We have mainly looked after children from 0-10 years old on a short-term basis but over the years we have taken emergency placements, and respite and short-term placements too.

'Although I am the primary carer, as a family we work as a cohesive team, helping to provide a safe and caring home environment for all the children we care for. I worked in the childcare profession for over 25 years and I always wanted to foster, and the opportunity only presented itself when our children left home.

'My husband and I felt that we could continue to provide a safe and loving home for looked after children. We are both very much involved in all aspects of fostering, as are our extended family members. We make sure the foster children in our care have the best possible nurturing environment that they could have.

'We have had highs and lows. Seeing the first wonderful smile certainly stays in your mind. The hard time is when you have to let them go and say goodbye.

'We have had great outcomes, including seeing children through adoption and supporting them to return home.

'We feel that we are privileged as a family to make a difference in a child’s life and we certainly enjoy the ongoing contact we maintain with all of them, even after the placement has ended.

'So we would say every one of us can make a difference in a child’s life so please consider fostering as looked after children will reciprocate your love and affection unconditionally.'