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Sheila and Laura's story

Sheila and Laura were approved as time limited foster carers for Liverpool City Council in April 1981 and since that time they have cared for around 200 babies and young children.

At present they can care for two babies between nought and two years old - either two siblings together or two individual children.

The plan for most is to return to their parents or extended family. If this isn’t possible they will move on to a children’s home or adoptive families.

Sheila and Laura make sure these babies have continued contact with their parents, siblings or extended family and contribute to their ‘life books’ by taking regular photographs of the babies, and writing about their experiences, so that each child has a detailed account of their early life.

Over their years as foster carers Sheila and Laura have attended regular training, provided by the fostering team to make sure they have a good understanding of the physical and emotional needs of children and to help them to develop as part of a professional team.

They also maintain confidentiality about the children in their care and are respectful and empathetic to the families of those children.

Sheila and Laura both say they find fostering a very rewarding job and, with the support of their family and fostering social workers, hope to continue to be foster carers for the foreseeable future.