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Six siblings together

A family of  six children aged between five and 15, who moved to the UK from the Czech Republic four years ago, want to stay together in a caring home.

The older children are two girls of 16 and 15, and a boy aged 13. The younger children are two girls aged seven and five, and a boy aged nine.

The children are bilingual and have close family members in Liverpool. The older children, in particular, are very proud of their Czech heritage. Being involved with the local Czech community is very important to them.

The older siblings

The 16-year-old girl is a lovely respectful and well-mannered girl, who has a very calm and caring nature. She helps her current carer look after her younger siblings. She’s just about to sit her GSCEs and wants to study hair and beauty next. She loves fashion and makeup, and enjoys styling her own and her sisters’ hair.  

Her 15-year-old sister is a model pupil at school and would eventually like to go university to do a degree in fashion or textile design. She has a great sense of humour but, like her sister, is also respectful and well-mannered.

The 13-year-old boy is funny, loving and confident and is always making people laugh. He is very close to his 9-year-old brother and enjoys playing football and watching WWE wresting. He is also keen to study for a good career in the future.

The younger siblings

The 9-year-old boy is a talented artist with a sensitive nature. He has low self-esteem, wants to please people and is easily upset. He often thinks he has done something wrong when he hasn’t. He is a polite and kind young boy who needs a lot of reassurance and praise.

He enjoys going to school and works really hard to achieve. He completes his homework with enthusiasm and reads his school book each night. He has lots of energy and enjoys running in the park and doing gymnastics. Like is older brother, he enjoys watching WWE wresting.

The 7-year-old girl is fiercely independent and will not let her brothers and sisters help her which can sometimes cause squabbles. She can aggravate the others and enjoys their reactions when she manages to ‘wind them up’. She is not spiteful though – she’s just mischievous. She loves school and works hard, and is very chatty and confident. She enjoys drawing and all types of craft work.

The five-year-old girl is a happy young person who loves to play and dress up. She is polite and well-behaved and is much loved by all of her older siblings. She is very active and enjoys playing outside and going to the park.

She is settled at school and is eager to read her school books at home. Unlike all of the others, she has no clear memories of the Czech Republic so it’s important that her older siblings continue to promote her identity and speak to her in Czech.