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Types of fostering

We offer a variety of fostering placements for children and young people of all ages who need a home, support and care for different lengths of time.

Time-limited placements

For children of all ages who generally return to their families within a few weeks or months. This may mean providing a place to stay for a few nights in an emergency, or a home for several months. By providing time-limited foster care you can give a child in an unsettled situation the security they need.

Long-term placements

These are secure and permanent placements. This means providing a permanent home and family to children, often older children and teenagers, who cannot live with their birth families. Many are brothers and sisters, for whom the security and comfort of staying together in a foster home is essential.

Short break placements for disabled children

Short break foster care means providing pre-planned care for a disabled child. Short break foster carers provide invaluable support to disabled children and their families who often find that they all benefit from a break away from one another.

Emergency placements

For children who need to be taken care of at short notice and often during unsociable hours.

Placements for teenagers

You can opt to specialise in offering placements to young people between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age.

Caring for groups of brothers and sisters

Placing two or more siblings together means that family members are not split up and cared for separately.

Parent and baby placements

We’re currently looking at the possibility of placing parents and babies together. If you are interested in this exciting new opportunity, and can offer room for a parent and their child, we’ll give you plenty of additional training and support.