Frequently Asked Questions

I am single, can I foster?

Yes! We have many foster carers who are single, married, co-habiting and divorced.  

Can we foster if our children are living at home?

Yes you can, and often having other children in the home can help foster children relax and settle in quicker.  The needs of your own children will be taken into account when going through the matching process, to ensure everyone's needs can be met.  We are often asked 'How will fostering affect my children?' - read the thoughts of a foster carers daughter here.

Are there any age restrictions on who can foster?

As long as you are over 21, there is no upper age limit to who can foster.  As long as you are fit and healthy enough to keep up with the children!

Can foster carers have pets?

Yes, in fact many studies have shown that pets can be beneficial for children in care, as they can reduce stress, loneliness and anxiety.  Vicky, one of out foster carers told us that their dog was a great icebreaker!

“Benji our dog has helped too!  A pet is a great icebreaker. Walking Benji is a great way to get the kids out. They tend to open up more, when we are not talking face to face.  Playing with Benji is a great way to relax” - Vicky.  Read Vicky's story here.

Does being disabled rule me out of fostering?

Being disabled doesn’t need to be an obstacle to fostering. We work together with carers with disabilities to understand their needs and capabilities as part of the assessment process.  Read Alison's inspirational story here.

Is it possible to work and foster?

Yes!  It is possible to work part-time and sometimes full-time, as long as your job has enough flexibility to allow you to put the needs of the child first and be available for appointments, training etc.. Respite and short-breaks care are ideal for anyone who would like to foster, but is unable to commit to a long term placement due to limited free time.

If I practice a religion, can I foster?

Yes you can! You can be of any faith or no faith to be a foster carer.  We are always looking for a diverse range of foster carers, to meet the diverse needs of the looked after children in Liverpool. 

Can I foster as part of the LGBT community

Yes! Foster carers are welcomed whatever their sexual orientation or gender.  Read Tina and Ashley's story here.

If I rent my home, can I foster?

Yes!  You don't need to own your own home to foster.  As long as you have a spare room and you are financially secure.  

Can I choose what age children I look after?

We need for foster carers for children of all ages, as well as sibling groups, unaccompanied asylum seeking children, and children with more complex needs.

We approve all our foster carers for children aged 0-18, but you are able to specify a preference based on your individual circumstances, maybe the age of any children already living in your home, and what age you would feel most confident with. 

Your preferences are taken in to account throughout the whole process. 

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