Alison's story

Alison’s inspirational story shows us that the most important thing about being a good foster carer and achieving success, is the love and support you can offer to make a difference in a child’s life. We hope by sharing her story, we can dispel some of the myths around the question ‘who can foster’?

I approached Liverpool because I tried some independent fostering agencies, but got turned down straight away, just on the grounds of being disabled


In a short space of time, Alison has made remarkable progress from initially managing autistic and challenging behaviours in her foster child, to seeing a massive improvement in confidence and communication skills. The relationship has proved to be a perfect match.

A key moment for her was a performance she did in front of an audience that had been invited by from her dancing school. She stood up front of 100 people and sang a solo!


Alison with foster child

If anyone was thinking about fostering, I’d say, go for it…just make a call and find out more. You haven’t lost anything and you might gain a lot