Linda’s story

Linda transferred to Liverpool City Council Fostering service, after initially starting as Foster Carer with an independent agency.  She is now an advocate of fostering for her local authority and she explains why in the video below. 

I find teenagers fascinating….they are our immediate next generation and I love listening and talking to them and hearing their perspective on the world. We have a lot to learn from each other


Linda currently fosters a sibling group of three teenagers from Angola.  Their heart-warming story makes us all look past the ‘labels’  and what we may expect when fostering teenagers, siblings and unaccompanied asylum seekers – to see a wonderful success story of love, guidance and a belief in achieving your full potential.


I love living with Linda because she is the best person in the entire world…she helped me and my sisters when we needed it the most, she is always ready to help us….I want to share every victory of my life with her

Young person looked after by Linda

Linda with foster child

If you have teenagers in your life at the moment who you love and like talking to and spending time with, then you already have the skills needed to foster teenagers


If you could offer the love and guidance to make a difference to a teenager’s life, please contact us for more information.