Christmas Party News Article
2019 Christmas Party

On the 4th December over 500 Liverpool children and their foster carers attended the impressive St George’s Hall for another evening of festive fun!

Children in care are incredible!

No ones life should fit in a bin bag, and so that's why with the help of Madlug, we are giving out bags for every Liverpool child in care to use.  They are not just practical, but also carry a very powerful and important message!

Phil and Anna Watson
How will fostering affect my children?

We are often asked ‘how will fostering effect my children’?  So during ‘Sons and Daughters’ month, we wanted to share Anna’s very honest insight into what it's like growing up within a foster family.

Reflective Fostering Group
Reflective Fostering with NSPCC

Liverpool City Council Fostering Service are the first in the North West to offer a 'Reflective Fostering' course, in partnership with NSPCC.  The programme launched this year and in a phased approach it will be offered to all of Liverpool's Foster Carers.

BBC Report on private foster care
BBC research into private fostering firms

The BBC recently looked into the fostering sector, and rising concern about 'private equity foster care firms. Their research included an interview with one of our foster carers, Linda - who transferred to become a local authority foster carer after initially fostering with an independent agency.

Roald Dahl Day
Roald Dahl Day 2019

Roald Dahl’s hero's like Matilda, Sophie and James, have amazing adventures, but in reality our hearts always melt when they experience love, care, and a sense of belonging. Something every child deserves....A foster carer has shared his thoughts about why these characters appeal to our most basic and caring instincts.

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Liverpool children’s Christmas party 2018

On the 28th November, around 600 Liverpool children and young people and their foster carers attended the impressive St George’s Hall for an evening of festive fun!

Madlug Delivery
From Madlug with Love

A shipment of 1000 bags recently made its way from Madlug's (Make a Difference Luggage) offices in Northern Ireland to our Fostering Service, who will be delighted to distribute the bags with their powerful, positive message to local children in care.

Campaign - Alison
Foster carers lead recruitment drive

On Thursday 28th March, a special round-table conference with partners and stakeholders such as children’s organisations including the NSPCC, was held at the Town Hall.

News - blanket cropped
Foster children dream big for Giants

Dozens of looked-after young people from Liverpool and their carers will be having a picnic with the Giants on Friday 5 October - on specially created blankets adorned with their hopes and aspirations for the future.