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01 April 2020


It’s fair to say we’ve been through a lot over the past few months, and we hope you've felt supported with the information and resources we've shared.  If you would like to see any new areas or topics covered in our newsletters, please let us know?

Newsletter 5

  • Competition time!  Our Children in Care Council are holding a drawing competition.  Entires must be in by the 3rd July -  view the details here.
  • Top tips to support children wiith their return to school - read here
  • Going back to school story for children with additional needs - view here
  • The Anti-Baddies toolkit is an online toolkit that includes practical exercises to help children to build resilience and wellbeing during difficult times - view here
  • The Oak National Academy is an online classroom and resource hub, which is great for home schooling and it also has a number of fantastic assemblies to watch - visit here
  • Free online courses from Open University - view here

Newsletter 4

  • Support Foster Care Fortnight 2020, by following and sharing our Facebook content and sending us a picture with this poster
  • Read Paula's lockdown routine for some great ideas for a routine that works for everyone - read more
  • Feelings and emotions trackershere’s some useful tools you can download that are used by the fostering team, to help younger children express and understand their feelings
  • Tips for using video chats for family time – here’s some really useful information and ideas from the University of Sidney – read here.
  • Can we play our way through this Coronavirus? – some really useful advise and ‘Theraplay’ ideas from Alder Hey CAMHS – read here
  • Chatterpack -is a voluntary-run, special educational needs and disabilities hub. They have a huge array of home schooling tools and ideas to support your child’s learning at home – visit here
  • 20 Stories High and their Big Up team! Have created short videos featuring clips from their shows, including and interactive puppet show and themed activities...Including making towel and duster dolly’s! – watch here
  • Chester Zoo goes live! – a new series of live videos is available to watch here
  • FREE Virtual Tours of the Natural History Museum - watch here
  • Foster Talk’s latest newsletter – read here
  • Neuro Love is an online platform for 13-18 year olds, developed by the Virtual School and young people who are involved with Neuro Champions.  It gives young people the opportunity to engage in activities that will support their wellbeing- See more details here.

Newsletter 3

  • A nice selection of quick and easy drawing resources as part of Chatsworth’s Get Drawing campaign – see more
  • Why not let children create their own Covid-19 time capsule, so they can remember how they are feeling, what they are doing and enjoying during this time - see some ideas and templates in this free download
  • Free colour by nature activity pack from Farrow and Ball - download here
  • Supervised contact update – further guidance was recently sent out to all foster carers. Click here to read the update
  • Madlug is a bag brand that stands for ‘make a difference luggage’. For every bag that is purchased, one is given to a child in care. 
    • Madlug have also offered all our foster carers 10% off any purchase using promo code: LIVERPOOLCARES2020
    • Visit to see more of their story and great bags!
    • Read about Madlug on our website – read here
    • Download 5 home based games from Madlug – see more.
    • You can also request a free activity book for children aged 4-11 - here

Newsletter 2

  • Liverpool Reads - Free e-books and audio books, newspapers and magazines are available via the Liverpool Read website (you can register even if you don’t have a library card) – visit here.
  • Hometime with Booktrust a digital hub of fun activities and resources – read more
    • Cressida Cowell reading her amazing book, How To Train Your Dragon - watch here
    • Storybooks and games - read more
    • Win a special Anniversary Edition of ‘Green eggs and ham’ - read more
  • Free home learning packs from ‘Classroom Secrets – read more
  • Free ‘Parent Zone’ membership until Juneread more

Newsletter 1

  • Cirque du Soleil – watch a 60 minute special! - watch here
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga - Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed especially for kids aged 3+ - watch here
  • Whizzpopbang - free hands on science experiments - read more
  • Wildlife with Steve Backshall on Facebook - visit here
  • Free books on Audible - read more
  • 10 minute crafts with Cbeebies - read more
  • BBC Bitesize - a great website with lots of easy to use learning resources - read more
  • BBC Live Lessons – has a range of resource for different ages, covering different topics - read more
  • Free Primary and Secondary Resources from Twinkl – use promo code UKTWINKLHELPS - read more
  • P.E. Lessons with Joe Wicks – Monday to Friday at 9am – watch live or recorded on Joe’s YouTube Channel - watch here
  • Free audio books from David Walliams and more! - learn more
  • Free online Maths tutorials with Carol Vordeman - learn more
  • Free audio books from Audible - discover more
  • Family lockdown tips and ideas – a facebook group with lots of ideas! - join here
  • Raising Teens in Lockdown – a facebook group with lots of ideas! - join here

Back to basics fun!

Why not create your own Easter fair at home, with some of these free and easy things to do?

  • With Hoopla, Golf, Noughts and Crosses, Balloon tennis and Target practice there’s something for everyone.  If we’re lucky with the weather, some shadow drawing maybe a winner.

Explore the world!

(from home...)

  • The new ‘Wildverse’ app from Chester Zoo – (think of it as the ‘Pokemon Go’ of wildlife) – read more
  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium – are showing beautiful videos of some spectacular sea life and the website has resource booklets on different type of aquatic life – watch here
  • Loch Ness Live webcam – eat up some time looking for the Loch Ness Monser! – watch here
  • The Hollywood sign - A live webcam from the Hollywood sign and the website gives you a real insight into the history of Hollywood – watch here
  • Africam - Beautiful live and pre-recorded footage of African wildlife – the leopards at night are fantastic – watch here
  • LiveCams from landmarks around the worldwatch here
  • Free virtual globe-trotting, tours & experiences, Including visiting Grand Canyon and Vatican, walking on a volcano, Disney rides & more – read more

Helping you...

Talk to younger children about Coronavirus

  • ‘Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus’ – written and illustrated by paediatric nurse Molly Watts, aims to give children fear-free but truthful information about coronavirus – download here
  • A fact sheet video about ‘what is Coronavirus’ from Alder Hey – watch here
  • I Have A Question About Coronavirus – the authors of the ‘I Have A Question About’ series have put together an open access online story to help discuss and explain coronavirus.
  • Dr Who has recorded a positive, reassuring message for fans – watch here
  • Dr Karen Triesman’s website includes a regularly updated page including resources specifically aimed at supporting children through this time – read more

Talk to older children and young people about Coronavirus

Children and young people need information too, but this needs to be appropriate for age and understanding.  Here's some great resources. 

  • - free, safe and anonymous online support for young people (14-25)
  • This page from Young Minds is a great resource for young people who are concerned about the coronavirus.
  • Childline has a page for young people about coping with the impact of the coronavirus.
  • BBC Newsround has a useful page about the coronavirus. 
  • Our friends at Become have this page of advice for care experienced young people.
  • Read Fostering Network's interview with Dr Dawn Huebner who is a clinical psychologist specialising in the treatment of anxious children. Her latest book 'Something Bad Happened' guides children and the adults who care for them through tough conversations about serious world events in the news.  
  • The National Association of School Psychologists in America have this page on how to speak to children about the coronavirus.
  • This article from The Independent is also very helpful about talking to children about the coronavirus. ‘‘I went through my 10-year-old’s search history and there was coronavirus”: What should parents do about virus fear?
  • Social distancing and self-isolation advice from Young Minds (for young people and parents of teenagers) – read more

Talk to children with Autism about Cornavirus

  1. Don’t be afraid most children will have already heard or seen people with masks not talking could make them worry more.
  2. Let the child lead the conversation, take cues and ask how the child feels.
  3. Our children are sensitive they are like sponges and will pick up on smallest of details. Deal with your anxiety first before you talk with the children.
  4. Teach by example
  5. Keep it simple and focus on what is essential.  To wash hands - 
    * When they come in from playing
    * Before they eat
    * After blowing their nose coughing or sneezing
    * After using the bathroom

Make a visual sequence of washing hands. You can find information if you type in google visual sequence for washing hands.

We're in this together, to stay well (and that means in body and mind). 

Self-care is always important for foster carers, but now more than ever.  Remember to take time out for yourself – whether that’s a bath, a FaceTime with friends, a walk on your own, or just a good book or film to escape into in the evenings.

Other ideas for good mental health

  • Stay active – We’ve heard this a lot, but really does help. A game of football, indoor table tennis, or an obstacle course in the garden gets everyone involved!
  • Keep in touch – with friends, your support network, your social worker. Everyone is in this together and the more we share, the stronger we are.
  • Stay on routine – we all need some of the mundane and not so favourite tasks like home-schooling, to really appreciate the ‘time off’. Finding contrast in your week will help appreciate things more
  • Get creative – use the time to say yes to the things you wouldn’t normally have the time to do – like take part in our Easter competition!
  • Lower your expectations – if you’re getting stressed trying to juggle everything, then be kind to yourself and lower your expectations (we are in a global pandemic after all!)

Keep in touch

It's great to see everyone come together to support each other and share ideas.  We'd like to keep it going with your help?!  If you have any ideas for fun and educational things to do at home, please share them with us using the form below. 

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