Children in care are incredible!

11 December 2019

Madlug News

No ones life should fit in a bin bag, and so that's why with the help of Madlug (Make a difference luggage), we are giving out bags for every local child in care to use, when moving onto a new home.  They are not just practical, but also carry a very powerful and important message for children in care.

"You are incredible" isn't said enough about children in care, but it is certainly believed by all our foster carers, and is the core brand message of Madlug and their wonderful luggage.

We spoke to Dave Linton, the founder of Madlug about his amazing journey so far.

"One of the things I’m really passionate about is raising the profile of children in care.  These kids are incredible, and of huge value and worth, and it’s a real privilege and honour to be their carers.  The message to future foster carers should be 'do you want to join us on this amazing journey'!"


"With Madlug we think we can raise the bar of telling society that these kids are there, and they matter, that they have huge value.  Then actions from foster carers, social workers, teachers, society and every point of contact changes, because they see the value".

In a previous role as a youth worker, Dave saw a video where a young woman described how when she moved within the care system, the use of bin bags made her loose her dignity.  Dave says “at that stage, I heard nothing else.  In today’s world that is just wrong.  I’m going to fix that”

What started out as providing a few spare suitcases has now turned into a self-funding Community Interest Company, Madlug - buy a bag – give a bag.     

Every bag sends a powerful message ‘You are incredible’, to remind each child that they have value, worth and dignity.  

Phil Watson, a former foster carer who now works as part of the Liverpool City Council Fostering Service says, “As foster carers, one of our roles is to give the children a sense of dignity. A Madlug bag is just a simple way of showing a child that somebody somewhere cares about them. And it's really useful!”

At our 2019 Liverpool Children's Christmas party, every child went home with a Madlug bag!


If you could help a young person see the value in themselves, please complete our contact form for more information or call us on 0151 515 0000. 

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