Children's Poetry Competition

18 May 2020

2nd place poem

We've had so many fabulous entries to our Children in Care Council's poetry competition!  The theme was to write a poem about living through a pandemic.  There were so many amazing entries.  It's obvious to see that you're all budding poets!

1st place -

A tribute to our essential keyworkers (age 17)

There was once a deadly virus
- it's name, Covid-19.
It was by far the worst pandemic
anyone had ever seen.

We had to go into lockdown.
It felt like it would last forever,
But lots of people rallied round
And everyone came together.

This poem is for the heroes
who helped to save the day,
For each person made a difference
in their very own, unique way.

There isn't just one hero
in a situation such as this.
It's hard to remember everyone
so I hope no-one, I'll miss.

First the obvious...the NHS and vets
Where everyone has a role to play.
They do their bit to save lives each day.

Then there's lots of different drivers,
each with a different role.
From delivering food to getting us around, They help us achieve our daily goals.

And there's the shop workers who work each day, so we can get the things we need.
Making sure there's enough for everyone, By stopping panic buying and greed.

We mustn't forget the bin men
who collect our rubbish and stop disease, Unable to observe social distancing, as in the fronts of their trucks, they squeeze.

Even though schools are shut to most,
teachers continue to help us learn,
So we will not have fallen behind
when it gets to end of term.

Bank staff enable banks to open
So we have access to our money.
This enables us to buy food and pay bills; Indirectly supporting the economy.

And last but not least, community workers and our fantastic carers too.
They help people to do all the things
they otherwise couldn't do.

So to all our essential key workers
And to any I may have missed,
Thank you. You're amazing in so many ways
- Far too many for me to list.

2nd place -

A lovely illustrated, poem (age 12)

3rd place -

An important message! (age 5)

Not all bugs are bad
But pleaes wash your hands
there here to attack.
But we will fight back
With the help from nurses and doctors .
and all that who care we will win this war we will get there

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Thank you