Roald Dahl Day 2019

13 September 2019

Roald Dahl Day

What do the following Roald Dahl characters have in common? 

Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Sophie from the BFG...

Not to mention other popular fictional characters like; Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Stuart Little, Mowgli, James Bond, Bambi, Oliver Twist, Paddington Bear, and pretty much every fairytale princess?

The answer is, that none of them were brought up by their biological parents.  It’s interesting how often the main characters in the most popular films and books are effectively orphans. 

Roald Dahl’s hero characters all embark on amazing adventure’s and live daring lives, but in reality our hearts always melt at the end, when they experience love and care and a sense of belonging somewhere or to someone.

What is it about these characters that appeals to our most basic and caring instincts?

For most of us the reaction is sympathy and a hope that the children find love and somewhere to belong.  In films and books, there is usually a happy end (*Spoiler alert!) Sophie ends up living with the Queen! Matilda is adopted by Miss Honey, and James and his friends live happily ever after.

These happy ends are lovely and they warm our hearts.

However, in reality, children who find themselves without a family to look after them, often face a tough life.  These young people may well struggle to thrive in education, find their place in life and form lasting fulfilling relationships.

Most people are sympathetic to the plight of the ‘Looked after Child’, and only a relatively small number of very special people, decide to make a difference.

Phil Watson, his wife and two children decided to make a difference when they started fostering for Liverpool City Council in 2010.

‘We have fostered six children in the last eight years.  We had one little lad for about four hours and have had our current child for over five years. I was recently reading the story of Paddington Bear with him.  He was quick to spot the similarities between himself and the Bear from Lima, as they were both born abroad and live with people who are not their biological family.  He was also quick to point out some of the obvious differences:- your name is not Mr Brown and I don’t have a big hat!’

"Somewhere inside all of us, is the power to change the world" (Roald Dahl).

If you'd like to make a difference, contact us to find out more about Fostering with Liverpool City Council.