Sisters shine with determination and passion

07 October 2020

Sisters Success 2

Chloe (18) and her sister Jenna (16) have been living with foster carers Karen and Chris since they were 8 and 10.  With the support of Karen and Chris, the girls have worked hard to overcome many challenges, and they are now looking forward to pursuing futures in things they are passionate about.

From the age of 4 all Jenna wanted to do was dance. 

Dancing 4 days a week and attending dance competitions were a big part of Jenna’s life and what she loved, until lockdown. 

With existing complex conditions, lockdown became really hard for Jenna.  She wasn’t able to dance as much, or maintain her friendship group from school due to moving to different places after GCSE's.

However, foster carer Karen told us that with lots of hard mental and physical work, Jenna has remained committed and tried really hard to overcome the extra challenges during lockdown. 

In May, Jenna chose to return to school so she could put in the extra work to help pass her GCSES, of which she passed 5 out of the 6!!  Alongside this Karen and Chris bought Jenna a ballet bar and tap boards, and helped Jenna follow a strengthening and conditioning program for dance, which consisted of two hours hard work each day - Wow!! 

Jenna has recently enjoyed her first day on a dance course to continue to pursue her dream.

From day one, both girls always knew what they wanted to do and they have never wavered from their passions and what they want to achieve

Karen, Foster Carer

Student of the year for Animal Care! 

After many years of horse riding lessons, Chloe won at the National Championships in 2017.  However, sadly due to Chloe’s discomfort in close social situations, the immediate attention she got after winning, resulted in her giving up horse riding and she has only just returned after a three year break.

Despite challenges and setbacks, Chloe has remained focused at college studying Animal Care, in which she received ‘Student of the year’ award for in her first year!  Chloe is also learning to school horses, take them on tacks, and groom them as part of her voluntary work at local stables.

Chloe’s aim is to go study Equestrian or Veterinary nursing at University next year.

Foster carer Karen told us how proud she is of the girls 

“Because of their differences, they have and always will struggle to ‘fit in’, but where they find it hard socially, they shine with their determination and commitment to their passions”

Karen also acknowledged there had been many challenges along the way.  The girls received additional support from CAMHS mental health service, and Karen and Chris attended a 10 week autism awareness course, which really helped their understanding of autism and what Jenna and Chloe are experiencing.

(*some names have been changed to protect identities)

It’s not been easy, but they are brilliant girls who will always will be a part of our family and we’ll always support them to achieve their dreams

Karen and Chris, Foster Carers

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