Sons and Daughters Month

15 October 2020

Anna news

Sons and daughters of foster carers play such an important role in welcoming new children into their home and lives.

If you've been thinking about fostering and wondering what it might be like for your children, or you'd just like to hear a young person's view on being a foster family, listen to our chat with Anna below or get in touch for more information.

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"Fostering has given me so many skills, like compassion, patience and communication"


Anna told us that even though the reality of fostering has been more challenging than she thought, it has been a positive experience for the whole family and it's strengthened them as a family unit.

"Our relationships with each other improved, because we became more intentional with the time we spent together.  From the very beginning Mum and Dad told us to be completely honest about how we felt, and because we've done that, it's strengthened our communication and trust with each other".

Anna also told us how she thinks the foster children have benefitted from being within a family environment;

"It's really beneficial for a foster child to be within a family unit, because they'll have kids their own age, things to play with and someone to chat to who isn't their foster carer.  It can make them feel...not more loved, but more normal"

We always wanted a house filled with love, grace, patience, kindness, generosity and mayhem. Not all foster carers have kids of their own, but we do

Phil, Anna's Dad

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If you'd like to find out more about fostering with Liverpool, please share as few details and we'll be in touch.

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