"I want them to look back and think 'I was loved for those few months'"

Kim and Ian's story

We've looked after 18 babies over the years and every child comes with their own story.  

We see ourselves as the safety net for the baby and their forever family. 

It’s like loving unconditionally. Whether it’s for 2 days or 2 years, we feel very privileged to look after these babies.  We get to see all their first smiles, first words and all those milestones.  All the good things outweigh the hard things by a mile.

Could you be the safety net for a baby?

You’ll be supported every step of the way and receive exceptional support, training and benefits.  If you would like to know more please get in touch.

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Kim and Ian no flowers

I write every child a poem, telling them what they have to do in life. I also give every child a song that represents their personality


We’ve gained life-long friends and children who we now class as family.  It’s enriched our children’s lives.  One little girl we looked after now sends birthday and Christmas cards to our girls - ‘to my sisters’ because that’s how she looks at them.  She tells people my big sisters live in Liverpool.

We’ve been privileged to be godparents for one of the children we’ve looked after.

It’s brought us closer together as a family and we all work as a team.  We appreciate the time we have as a family looking after the babies, but when they go onto family or to be adopted, we come together and do things as a family to get through the process together. 

When they move on I want them to look back and think I was loved for those few months and treated as a member of a family


When children move on, we try and make the process as smooth as possible.  We give them photo albums and memory boxes so they have a record of the time they spent with us.  We get a build a bear and put four hearts in them.  It’s just a process we go through for closure.

People say to me "but how do you give them back" and I say "but they aren’t my child".  But saying that, as a man and a dad, I stay up the night before they go and tell them everything they’ve got to do in life and to be good, what to achieve.  Have a massive cry and then they can go.”

We’re very privileged to look after these lovely babies and we enjoy every minute.