Maria's Story - Seeing the Difference

Maria has been fostering for 20 years and transferred from a fostering agency to Liverpool City Council in 2017. 

She currently looks after 3 sisters aged 10, 11 and 13 who are staying with Maria long term.

Maria proudly told us how the girls have grown not just in stature, but in their individual personalities and confidence. 

With Maria's love and support, they have now truly flourished at being able to be themselves.

Maria 2

“When you see that difference you’ve made in that child, honestly it’s worth more than anything. Nothing can compare to that feeling”


Training and Support

Maria says the most important skills for a foster carer to have are patience and empathy.  "Before the girls came to me, they had been very unsettled and the older one had quite a few placements.  We talk together about lots of things and when we've experienced issues, I've found the training equipped me with the skills I've needed."

"You need that support, that place to turn to when you think, what am I going to do here?!...and it's always been there.  That the reason I went back to Liverpool City Council.  I think the support is really good"

Keeping siblings together

"When you see the kids grow and flourish and do their own thing, you look back and you think they may not have got that far, if they'd been split up."

"When you foster siblings it's easier for them to settle and feel secure as they have each other" 

‘Maria is amazing, and we love her cooking. Maria brings out the best in us and we love her warm hugs’.

Child in Maria's Care

"The thing I love about fostering is that it doesn't discriminate, anyone can become a foster carer. There's always someone out there who needs that care, who needs that love"

"It's been rewarding for me.  I'm 58 and I don't know when I'm ever going to stop!"