Support and training

Once you are a foster carer you will be given:

  • a designated social worker whose job it is to give you advice, support and guidance

  • free access to a 24-hour helpline for advice and support

  • free training and skills development opportunities

  • financial support to cover the cost of looking after a child, and a fee for the work you do. Foster carers employed by Liverpool City Council do not have to pay Council Tax

Twice a year you’ll also be invited to our hugely popular development days where you’ll get the chance to meet other carers and catch up with what’s new.

Training we give

To begin with, all you need to do is demonstrate an understanding of children and have had contact with them. No previous training is required, and we start from the very basics and build up from there.

Before you start

Our three-day initial training course offers a real insight into the demands and rewards of fostering.

During these sessions you’ll be given the chance to meet with carers and young people who have been fostered, and quiz them about what it’s really like.

Ongoing training

Once you have been approved to foster, your supervising social worker works with you to identify any skills and training you may need. Once a placement has been agreed, the child we place with you may present you with further learning opportunities, so we’ll make sure that’s covered too.

Development days throughout the year

We hold development days twice a year and we invite all our foster carers to them.

These days provide a chance to meet up with fellow foster carers, attend workshops that cover current issues, and meet voluntary agencies and professionals who want to share what they do with you.

Support you get

We pride ourselves in the support we offer carers and are currently focusing on developing local links with the aim of providing you with access to a peer support group, mentors and buddies. This way you’ll be matched with carers facing similar challenges, and will be given access to professional agencies and volunteers who can help.

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