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Foster with us and join our fostering community

05 June 2018

When you foster with Liverpool City Council, you’re supported by people who really know what it’s like.

If you’re interested and thinking about exploring the idea of fostering, we have a very experienced team who can help and advise, not just from a professional point of view but from a very personal and real one too as they are all foster carers themselves. Please get in touch on 0151 515 0000 or attend one of our drop-in events to hear more.

Here’s an insight into their stories.

Michelle Lawless, foster carer and fostering team recruitment co-ordinator

“My three passions in life are being a foster carer, council worker and grandmother.

“I’ve been a foster carer myself for eight years now. So when I’m talking to people about the benefits of fostering I really know what I’m talking about.

“I’m 50 years old and have worked in local authorities for the last 11 years. In my current role with the Fostering team, I am able to share a wealth of personal experience with the people I meet.

“I mostly care for teenagers – I’ve had around 70 pass through my door since I took up the role, mainly providing emergency placements.It is a unique and quite amazing experience.

“I signed up with Liverpool City Council as I live in the city. The process was detailed as you would expect, but not onerous, and a few months later I got the call to say I had my first placement. Since then I’ve not looked back. Each child, in their own way, has helped to enrich my life.”


Phil Watson, foster carer and fostering team recruitment co-ordinator 

“I was actually a secondary school teacher when we first began fostering but I caught the bug and I wanted to get out there, tell people my story, and try to grow our family of foster carers in Liverpool.

“As a recruitment co-ordinator, I host a lot of drop-in events so please feel free to come and meet me for chat, I’d love the opportunity to speak to you.

“When my wife and I looked into becoming a foster family our own children were five and seven and we both felt we have the emotional capacity to take on a new challenge. And what better challenge than providing a caring home for a child less fortunate than one of our own?

“The six children we have fostered over the years have been welcomed in to a home that is clean, warm and filled with love. We can’t offer much more than that, and we don’t need to.”



Sue Boddison, foster carer and fostering team training and development officer

“It takes energy, patience, dedication and teamwork to be a foster carer, but you will get so much support from the council’s fostering team and social care colleagues.

“You’ll never feel on your own as there’s a network behind you and the child, willing you both to succeed.

“I’ve been a foster carer for the council for 28 years. In that time we have cared for 38 young people, from newborn babies to teenagers, and we have frequently offered a home to sibling groups who are so desperate to find a placement with each other that it breaks your heart.

“I’m happy to say that my fostering adventure continues to this day. I currently work full time – yes full time – for the council and I can do this as I have a great support network around me and the children I foster are of school age. It helps though that I have an understanding boss who knows about my commitments outside of the workplace.”