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Fostering Babies

Fostering babies is unique, challenging and overwhelmingly rewarding.  If you have the time, love and care to give to a baby you could help them overcome their early challenges and give them a good start in life.

Read about Sue's, Peter and Gaynor's and Tina and Ashley's inspiring stories about the difference they have made to many babies!

Sue's Story

Sue has fostered with Liverpool for 50 years and over that time she has cared for 412 children!  

We were honoured to speak to Sue about some of her fostering experiences, and to ask her what has kept her passionate about fostering for such a long time!

Sue told us "Anyone coming into fostering should know it’s not easy, but it’s very rewarding.  It’s so beautiful to see them grow up to well behaved children. I have always given them a good start and that’s my reward in life." Read Sue's Story.

Peter and Gaynor's story

Over the last 17 years fostering with Liverpool, Peter and Gaynor have looked after over 67 babies, and have found it really rewarding.

Peter told us, “It's something you can put 100% of yourself into, and get 100% and more back.”  Read Peter and Gaynor's Story.

Tina and Ashley's story

Tina and Ashley have fostered babies and toddlers since 2018.

They adopted their daughters prior to becoming foster carers and were inspired by the couple who had fostered their daughters.

They told us why fostering holds a big place in their hearts... "Seeing the babies we have cared for get their ‘forever’ home is the most heart-warming experience.  We have stayed in close contact with all of our foster babies and this gives us hope that we will always be part of their lives.  Our foster babies mean the world to us and always will."  Read Tina and Ashley's Story.

Who can foster babies?

Can I foster a baby without a spare room?

You can care for babies up to the age of two, with a cot in your bedroom.

Can I work and foster babies?

Due to the possible high level of contact a baby can have with its family and meetings or medical appointments, it isn't feasible to work alongside fostering babies.

Do I need to have completed any specialist training to foster babies?

No, you don't need to have completed any specific training as we provide a range of training to help you care for babies with a variety of needs.

Why Foster with Liverpool?

You’ll be supported from day one with a dedicated social worker and a team of family support workers by your side.

With regular training courses across a wide range of topics, there are many opportunities to learn and develop your skills, which are reflected and rewarded with our skills based payment structure.  

We also provide

  • A wide range of training to develop your skills
  • Access to support services are all under one roof, giving quick and smooth access to education support, mental health support, plus a 24hr support service.
  • Competitive skills and children's allowance payments
  • Council tax exemption
  • Lifestyles membership for the whole household
  • Discount Cards for use nationwide
  • Use of a holiday caravan at Presthaven caravan resort
  • Refer a friend scheme

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