Could you transform a child's future?

When Katlin arrived with her foster carers, she was scared, worried, she didn’t know where she was going or what to expect.  For the first few weeks she was very withdrawn.

But, gradually over time Katlin got to know her foster carers and built her trust and confidence in them.  We were delighted to hear how much Katlin has achieved, and how everything has fallen into place for her.

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Katlin’s foster carers brought structure and encouraged her to do her best at school and on results day, Katlin even took herself by surprise!

When I went to get my GCSE results, I just couldn’t believe how well I did! So that made me want to do better and achieve better things. Now I have three distinction stars and I’ve been able to get into Uni, to do Occupational Therapy


The support of her foster carers has really made a difference to Katlin's future, and has helped her move forwards with her life. 

Katlin told us;

“Three years ago, I just felt like my life was a mess, and that it was going to be like that for the rest of my life, but over time, everything's just completely fallen into place, and now it's good”

“I think you need a lot of patience and time to give to a young person, becuase they’ll obviously be really frightened at the start, and they won't really understand, and they’ll miss home.  So just give them time to build trust, and a bond with you. And then invest that time into making their future good”

“Have courage and trust in yourself and the young person, to make that child’s life better.  Grow with that child and help them have a better outcome in life.  It’s like helping that child live, not just exist”


Everyone in foster care has got their own story, which they shouldn’t be embarrassed about, they should tell people about it. I've come so far, it's helped me actually achieve things in life.


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