Fostering Friendly

Liverpool City Council is a Foster Friendly employer. We help to support people wanting to become foster carers.

To become a fostering friendly employer, the company doesn't need to do much but the difference it can make is significant.

What is fostering friendly?

Foster Friendly is the Fostering Network's programme to encourage employers to support fostering, and in particular, foster carers.

Many workplaces have policies and programmes in place to support foster carers in their duties, such as flexible work schedules and allowances for carers to take emergency leave.

We are urging organisations and businesses around the city to become Fostering Friendly!

How do I find out if my employer is registered as a fostering friendly employer?

The Fostering Network has a list published of all employers who are registered as fostering friendly on their website.

Don't worry if your employer is not listed! This doesn’t mean they don’t have support in place for foster carers and people who are going through the application process.

If you are considering fostering or are in the process, get in touch with our team for advice on how to speak to your employer and some of the questions you may wish to ask about the fostering friendly scheme.

"We feel that providing a level of practical assistance to carers by enabling them to access paid time off to support them in meeting their caring commitments is a small price to pay”


Help us make Liverpool a fostering friendly city...

Local organisations have supported us including John Lewis who have recently taken the title of the biggest organisation to become Fostering Friendly!

We spoke to the University of Liverpool's Director of HR, Keith Watkinson and he told us - "We see our Fostering Leave Policy as a very positive addition to our suite of family-friendly policies, recognising the fantastic contribution foster carers make to society in general and to the city more specifically and to the lives of the children in their care"


If you have any queries about fostering or the fostering friendly scheme please get in touch with our team!

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