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Could you be the one to listen, care for, and believe in a young person, to help them grow and become independent?  If you're considering becoming a foster carer, we'd love to speak with you.

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We asked some young people in care what being fostered has meant to them, and how it has made a difference to their lives.  Watch below for some of the thoughts they shared with us. 

With 1,500 looked after children in Liverpool, we are looking for more foster carers to care for children of all ages, and support them in their local communities towards a better future. 

Katlin's Story

When Katlin first went into foster care she felt embarrassed and only told her best friend. Katlin told us how different she feels now, and how being fostered has helped her achieve what she wanted in life.

Katlin told us - "When I went to get my GCSE results, I just couldn’t believe how well I did! So that made me want to do better and achieve better things".

Read Katlin's Story.

Bianca's Story

As a 19 year old on the cusp of an exciting future at University, Bianca is now able to pursue her dreams and realise her potential, because of the opportunities being fostered gave to her.

 “Being fostered has completely turned my life around, Having someone who was always there for me every day, made me feel important and helped me realise my potential” - Bianca.

Read Bianca's Story.

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