Celebrating achievements in 2022

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In 2022 we celebrated some amazing stories and achievements from a wide range of foster carers. From new foster carers to some who were retiring after 40 plus years!

Read about just a few of our amazing foster carers we celebrated in 2022! 

After 37 years providing care to local children in Liverpool, Lacy was awarded special recognition by her social worker for her passion and commitment. 

"Lacy has a very nurturing nature and the close loving bond they share is clear.  It is evident that Lacy is very proud of her young person’s achievements and of the young lady she has matured into.  Lacy is pro-active in terms of encouraging her young person to achieve academically, who has said she would like to be a social worker when she is older. The plan is for her to go to university.

We will be sad to lose Lacy from the fostering service, but it has been a real pleasure working with her. Her positive, caring attitude goes a long way to influencing others around her, and her passion and commitment to children and young people has remained as strong as it was in the early days of her career."

Noreen and Billy were very valued members of Liverpool Fostering team since 1982. 

During their time fostering, they provided a loving and nurturing home for so many local children.  They always ensured the children moved onto their forever families in a planned way to make the transition as easy as possible. Noreen and Billy often stay in touch with the children who move on from their care. They have been highly respected foster carers, who have a wealth of experience caring for young children and they have undoubtedly made a huge difference to so many children’s lives.

Claire and Andy received a special recognition award..

..for their kindness, sensitivity and understanding in the transition of children being rehabilitated home to birth parents and the move to Foster to Adopt parents.  They have been there all the way offering advice, support and guidance and have developed some wonderful relationships with the adults involved. 

Claire and Dean cared for twin boys who are two years of age who had complex health needs.

Claire spent a significant amount of time in hospital with one of the twins who was quite unwell, to ensure she was always available to him and by his side over an intensive six months.
Dean worked full time outside of his fostering role and adapted to ensure stability of care for the other twin, whilst being supported by their adult daughter.
The commitment, care and unconditional love they gave the boys was outstanding and they were truly amazing in ensuring that despite all of the challenges, both of the boys experienced nurturing relationships within their family.

Kim and Ian’s well-deserved surprise..

..came following some lovely feedback we received from a family and friends foster carer who has recently become a foster carer for their baby cousin.
Kim and Ian cared for the baby from new born and supported the move back to family, doing everything they could to make it a smooth and positive experience.

This feedback says it all.

They have helped me so much with their knowledge and experience and have made it clear they will always be there to help and guide me through this journey. They have done an amazing job.  She's got a great routine and she is such a pleasant child and I believe this is down to the love and care she was given while with Kim and Ian. I just really want them to be recognised for the amazing work they do. I know they have helped a lot of children and the world needs more people like them. I can't begin to thank them enough, having a family member in foster care is such a daunting thing to go through but I have never had any concerns about taking her back after our contacts in fact I was happy to take her back because I know how much fun she has with them and their own daughters. I have told them how grateful we are as a family, but I would like more people to know!