"I welcome them all equally with my heart"

Foster Carer Amina holding baby

Whilst volunteering at the Somalia Women’s Group, 11 years ago, Amina met a teenage girl who spoke no English and needed her help. 

After Amina helped her with local knowledge and translating, she decided she wanted to help more children, in difficult circumstances.

We are always looking for foster carers from diverse backgrounds, but when it comes to cultural differences, Amina says to her “Children are children”. 

Foster Carer Amina holding baby

“No matter where they have come from or what their background. Children who come into foster care have been through enough, without adding more challenges in their way. I welcome them all equally with my heart”


As a foster carer, Amina works with people from different backgrounds; sometimes with different points of view.  Some of whom, have reservations about the cultural differences between Amina and the children she cares for.  However Amina’s passion for fostering shines through, to dispel all the myths.

“I always focus on the positive and what is best for the child.  When I send family members pictures, and write about daily achievements in the child’s record, I see a difference in people’s approach towards me”

“It is so rewarding, I have discovered an inner strength I didn’t know I have!"

“My advice for any future foster carer would be to put yourself forward. Be stronger than the stereotypes that exist.  Expand your heart and mind to see the difference you could make”

As a single carer, life as a foster carer is very busy for Amina, but she doesn’t feel like she’s on her own.  “There is lots of support and training available.  Kate, my fostering social worker, is the best person I’ve ever met!”

“It is so rewarding, I have discovered an inner strength I didn’t know I have!