Caribbean Cooking Classes

Our Wellbeing and Cooking Course is a 6 week course for foster carers to focus on wellbeing, come together as a group, and make some new and different recipes for all the family to try! 

The main aim is to bring foster carers together in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment and you'll see from the feedback, it was a hit!

As well as cooking, other wellbeing activities offered include meditation, colour therapy, yoga, healing crystals and a walk.

  • "Fun, food, walking, laughing, and beautiful people" – Karel
  • "A great group! Fun, laughs and fab people with food as the added bonus" – Mamie
  • "The kids loved it.  They ate it all.  I didn’t think they would"- Maria
  • "They all loved it and we have non left!" - Tracey and David.
  • "Can’t wait for the Jerk Chicken" - Cynthia
  • "The session was brilliant" – David H

The dishes included Corn Bread and Callaloo (A vegetarian stew) and Jerk Chicken. 

The next course starts in October 2022.  If you'd like to attend, please contact to reserve your place!