Children's 'Stand by me' art exhibition

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On Wednesday 28th September, we were delighted to launch our 'Stand by me' art exhibition at the Liverpool Parish Church!

During Foster Care Fortnight 2022, we invited local children and young people in care to create artworks showing the people in their lives who stand by them. Local artist Ali Harwood has transformed the children's art into two large canvases, which were shown at the launch event along with the children's original entries.

It was heart warming to see everyone’s reactions to the children’s artwork, especially 3 year old Elsie who couldn’t have looked happier when she spotted her painting on the centre of one of the canvases.

Our panel discussion guests were so inspiring, talking openly about their experiences as foster carers and what it's like growing up in care.
There were so many important topics covered with new enquiries and local connections made.

Local organisations also came along to find out more about The Fostering Network's Fostering Friendly programme.

Special thanks to Liverpool Parish Church, Ali Harwood, The Fostering Network and our panel discussion members and guests.
And MOST IMPORTANTLY to all the children and young people who took part in the project and shared what it means to them to have someone standing by them, supporting them, by their side.

Our ‘Stand by me’ exhibition is on display at Liverpool Parish Church until 14th October, before it continues around the city, so please head over to take a look at how amazing our children and young people really are.

Artist Ali Harwood

“As an artist, it has been a real pleasure to bring their colourful and inspiring images together across two canvases. I hope more adults from a wide variety of backgrounds will feel they can foster with Liverpool after seeing what a positive difference they can make to a young person’s future and the vibrancy and adventure each looked-after child can bring to theirs.”

Ali Harwood, Artists

“The artwork we received in the Stand By Me competition reflects how valuable relationships are to our children and young people who are in care – not least the bond they form with a foster carer. “It's a real honour to see their artwork. The young artists should feel very proud of themselves"

Cllr Frazer Lake, Cabinet Member for Children’s Social Care