Debbie and Dot's Story - Fostering firsts

Foster Carers Deb and Dot

Debbie and Dot have been fostering for 2 years and they currently look after 3 siblings, aged 2, 3 and 6 years old.

Since welcoming the siblings just before Christmas last year, they have been overwhelmed with joy at seeing the children progress and experience things for the first time. 

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Foster Carers Deb and Dot

“When he said, I love you Nanny Deb and Nanny Dot, we knew we had gained their trust”

Debbie and Dot

"We think it's so important to make the children feel part of our family, like we're their nan's!  Our grandson who lives with us helped to break the ice by doing a silly dance. We were more nervous than he was!"

Keeping siblings together

"I think it's very important, if you can, to keep siblings together and we so glad we did.  They had lost their Mum and Dad, but at least they had the security and comfort of each other.  Also, it's easier because they have instant friends and they settle in quicker."

We did lots with them during lockdown, like picnics in the park and spending time helping with their homework, which helped us bond quicker.

"It took months for them to feel settled and we have come across a lot of hurdles, but we did a lot of training even before we became foster carers.  Our social worker is always on the end of the phone if we need him and we just got though it.  We knew we couldn't give up on them."

They can be anything they want in life

"It's a joy seeing them progress every day. The difference in the way they play together and have they've developed with reading and writing.  They can do what they want in life and that's what we've got to teach them. They can be anything they want to be!"

"The first little girl that came to us, when we asked her what she wanted to be she said a 'party goer' and by the time she left she wanted to be a doctor."

Myth Busting

"There are still some myths out there that just aren't true.  Anyone can foster, single parents, same-sex couples you can have animals and you don't need a garden!  All that's required is a happy, secure home, with a spare bedroom and you've got to like Peppa Pig!"

"My advice if you're thinking of fostering would be go for it! Don't wait as long as we did.  But only go for it if your heart is really in it. They've had a big change in their lives, and you can make that difference, and I think we have."

You need a lot of patience and you have to be able to love them and show them that you care.