Erika's Story

Erika Foster Carer of siblings from a different cultural background

Erika started fostering with Liverpool in 2020 and since then has been caring for 10 year old twins from a different cultural background.

What brought you to fostering?

I started fostering when my children grew older, and especially because of my love for children, and my lifelong desire to care for and nurture kids in need.

Has it been as you expected?

At the outset, I anticipated fostering to be far more challenging than it turned out to be. Initially, as the children arrived in my home in a particularly vulnerable state, I grappled with the difficulties of navigating their needs. However, with time and patience, I've come to witness a remarkable transformation. Each passing day brings forth a profound sense of joy as I observe their happiness and growing sense of security in my care. Witnessing their newfound comfort and contentment has not only eased the challenges but also made the journey immensely fulfilling and rewarding.

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What is it like caring for children from a different cultural background?

Caring for children from a different cultural background requires patience and understanding. It's essential to listen attentively to their needs, ensuring they feel heard and valued. This attentiveness enables us to meet their needs effectively, whether it's adapting to their dietary preferences or respecting their religious beliefs. I try my best to create an environment where their cultural identity is respected.

What difference have you seen in the children since they arrived?

Since arriving at my home, I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in my foster children. They've not only settled in but are now thriving. By providing a loving and nurturing environment, they've begun to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance within our family. It's heart-warming to see them blossom and grow, knowing that they finally feel secure and valued.

Their presence has added a new layer of meaning and purpose, making each day more rewarding than the last.

- Erika

How have you helped them embrace their childhood?

I’ve helped my foster children embrace their childhood by creating a nurturing and supportive environment filled with love and encouragement. By prioritizing their emotional well-being and providing a stress-free atmosphere, they've been able to experience the magic of childhood without the burdens they may have previously faced. This has allowed them to explore, learn, and grow in a way that celebrates their innocence and joy.

What difference have they made to your life?

The children I've fostered have brought immense joy and fulfilment into my life. Their presence has added a new layer of meaning and purpose, making each day more rewarding than the last. In caring for them, I've found renewed energy and a youthful spirit that keeps me cheerful. 

‘It has made my life more colourful, bright colours. There is always joy in my home.’

- Erika