Foster4 Launch!

Fostering team at Chester Zoo

If you've been following us for a while, you may have noticed we have changed from 'Foster with Liverpool' to 'Foster4' branding.  This is to represent a new a collaboration between eight local authorities in the North West Region.

By all working together to enhance our offer, support, and training for foster carers, we aim to ensure children and young people in our region can experience a safe and loving home when they need it most.

With over 4,600 children currently in care across the eight councils but just over 1,150 approved local authority foster carers available, there is an urgent need to recruit new foster carers for the most vulnerable children in our region.

When you 'Foster4' your local authority you are;

  • Fostering for a not-for-profit service
  • Helping children and young people stay within their communities
  • Able to benefit from our enhanced training, support and fees
  • Joining an extended community of local foster carers

To launch Foster4, we (along with 7 other local authorities), hosted a celebration event for all of our foster carers at the amazing Chester Zoo! It was wonderful to show our foster carers how much we value them and to see the children enjoying themselves. 

We had an amazing time at Chester Zoo, our foster child wanted so much to get in with the Penguins, and kept shouting out, "bath time, bath time". As she's only 2 and a half, I had picked her up to give her the very best view. There was so much to do and see. Thank you for the opportunity to visit Chester Zoo.

Michael and Rewena