Lesley's Story

Lesley has been a foster carer with us since May 2023, and generously shared her fostering story with us at one of our information events.

How did you know when the time was right to foster?

"I've always thought about fostering and being able to give a child the care and love they deserve."

"My first enquiry was just before Covid, and because I was looking for a property that is what held me back a little. As soon as I got the keys I contacted Liverpool Fostering and the process started straight away."

What was the assessment process like?

"From the first time Olivia came out to see me I knew I was in safe hands.  As much as she delved into my childhood and past, its understandable as to why they do. Olivia was never judgemental and easy to speak to.  I always felt positive at the end of each session about what I have to offer a child.

Olivia is knowledgeable, organised and professional.  I appreciate and I am thankful she was my assessment worker as I enjoyed the first part of my fostering journey.  I am loving being a foster carer, but this is down to the support I have received from Olivia and Liverpool Fostering Team."

Just be yourself, a child is going to like you no matter what, as long as you keep them safe.

- Lesley

Has fostering been as you'd expected?

"I thought I would be a foster carer who fosters over 100 children, because that is what you see on the TV, but it seems like my first child is going to be long-term."

After an initial 'honeymoon' period with her first child, Lesley experienced more challenging behaviour from her young person as they began to test their relationship.  Lesley contacted her social worker for help and she said "the support and intervention was amazing."   She told us she doesn't think that she would have got through the summer holiday’s without that support.  Lesley said "The love, dedication, routine and safety is vital to the role of a foster carer and ensuring the child is your number one priority."

How has it been alongside you working?

"Part of the additional support I received during the summer, involved my young person spending some time in summer school, which really helped with his behaviour and helped me continue working as well. When he went back to school in September, it was really good, and since then he has been brilliant."

How have you found the support and training?

"Before applying I did a lot of research. I know a foster carer who fosters with Liverpool City Council and she told me to ‘definitely go with Liverpool, because the support is second to non. It really is amazing and it has been evidence to that with the support I have had"

"There's a lot of online and face to face courses.  A 10-session nurturing course has been so beneficial.  Its madness how much you take away and put into practice at home with the child.  Everything I have put in place has been successful and there has been a massive improvement to the foster child's behaviour and expectations."  

What would you say to anyone thinking of fostering?

"Definitely do it, you have nothing to lose. You can drop out at any time if you don’t think that it is suitable for you. It was one of my dreams, I had this little boy at Christmas and our first Christmas together was so magical."

"Nothing is ever plain sailing though, it is a rollercoaster of emotions but myself and foster carers are aware that children in care have seen and heard a lot of things that they shouldn't and it's never their fault.  We can make a difference to a child's life."

My career has been everything for me, but since having a foster child, my priorities have totally changed and I’m enjoying watching him grow and flourish into a good person.

- Lesley

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