Love makes all the difference

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Hands in the shape of a heart

On this day of love, we thought it would be lovely to share some heart warming love letters from children and young people being cared for by Liverpool foster carers. 

To my wonderful foster carers,

I love you because you care about me and my needs. You are kind and loving to me. I’m glad to have you as my long-term foster carers because you take me on holidays where I’ve never been before, taught me how to do things that I’ve never experienced before and lots of more. I know you’re the best foster carers that I have and I love you. Even if I don’t see my mum, I still love her and you at the same time. I remember one time a bird pooped on my foster mum’s shoulder and it was really funny that I won’t forget that. I love it when you are joyful, cheerful, pleased and delightful. I remember the quote from my mum that she sent me for my 16th birthday, it was “I love you to the moon and back”. I want to say it in this letter,

I love you to the moon and back.

Love is a journey that can never stop. It just keeps going and going. It can never ever stop and I love you guys. No matter how angry I am or how upset I am, I still love you with all my heart and you should do. Even when you are angry or annoyed or frustrated, you still love me and we should know that. You helped me with everything that I struggle with, including teachers. You show all your enthusiasm, passion and cheerfulness to me when I was first looked after by you and you were really kind to me and my brother and you’ve achieved it with everything else. I love you like a mother dog to a puppy.

I love you because you are the warm-hearted, friendly, understanding, sympathetic foster parents.

Love poem to my younger self


When I look back at my past,

I am so relieved that I escaped that

I was a girl who was not going down the right path

I would get angry instead of just having a chat

Now as I grow up and think about my life

I choose to talk instead of trying to hide

I am not perfect I have made mistakes

Now that im older I can feel I have changed

I look at my future and I know I will shine

Because I have had some tough challenges and I’m still doing fine

I only think of the positives up in my mind

And now I'm not sad any more I will always smile.

Valentine's Day

I love myself because my hair sticks up all morning and goes flat sometimes

I love myself because I get all of my work done in an hour because I concentrate so much, that I get it all done fast.

I love myself because I say great things and I am smart a bit and do great stuff like earn medals and certificates and other stuff.

I love my eyes because they're my favourite colour green.

I love my bed because it has 2 sides.