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Children in foster care do incredible things, as do the adults who support them!

Children in foster care are resourceful, remarkable, and resilient.  The care and commitment of foster carers gives children the stability and support they need to follow their hopes and dreams and reach their potential.

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These amazing entries are being brought to life by local artist Ali Harwood, who will create a design on large canvasses to be exhibited around the city.

  • Age 9

  • Age 7
Stand by me 5
  • Age 9 - “My drawing shows that people in school are there for me”
Stand by me 1
  • Age 7
  • STAND BY ME acrostic poem is by a 14-year-old

  • Age 9 - "This is me and my brother and I will not trade him for anything"
Stand by me 2
  • Age 3
Stand by me 3
  • Age 7 - “This is me and nana who loved me so much”
Stand by me 4
  • Age 9
Stand by me 6
Stand by me 8
  • Age 13
Stand by me 9
  • A 3 year old with her nursery teacher who is "always kind to me, I love her."  

    She has also drawn a red and yellow flower for Mrs T.  She has her green check school dress on and green bows in her hair and Mrs T always wears a black top and leggings with trainers and wears her hair in a long ponytail.

Stand by me 10
  • Age 10
  • This is the entry from E age 2. She has drawn herself with a blue summer dress and matching bobbles in her hair, she also wanted to draw myself Shirley in an orange dress and my husband Keith wearing his Liverpool FC Football Kit. E said she likes living with us because we look after her and her sister and have fun.

  • This is a second entry from E age 3.

She has drawn herself in a purple dress with purple bows in her hair. She picked a purple triangle as it is her favourite colour. She has drawn her sister who is wearing a pink dress and bows as that is her favourite colour. She has also drawn her Foster Carer Keith she said she did red rectangles for his Liverpool football kit. They are all waving LFC flags when Liverpool won the FA Cup as we all watched and cheered for Liverpool to win. E said she wanted to paint the liver bird bit it was too hard for her to do.

  • Age 9 - “This is me and my big brother and best friend Joel. I can do anything with Joel next to me”

  • Age 10

  • Age 12