The greatest gift is..."seeing a child achieve beyond their dreams"

Foster carer Alison shared a wonderful update with us about the amazing achievements of the young person she has cared for over the last six years.

When Alison's young person arrived at the age of nine, she found many things difficult.  She needed a lot of help with the most basic tasks, she was struggling at school and didn't have any interests or hobbies.

Now, six years on she has made amazing progress, beyond anything anyone could have imagined, and developed a love of music and performing!

Alison told us "In the beginning we tried everything, lots of activities even including aerial silks at one point!  She always showed interest in being on stage and gradually came to the fore that music, theatre and performing were her main strengths.

We’re looking at music or performing as being a potential career for her, so that in itself is live changing.

It’s a complete sense of achievement knowing that I’m making such a difference to someone else’s life. It’s amazing to be a part of and I’ve loved every minute of it”

Everyone is amazed at just how far she has come. I think her progress is down to her spirit, my love, consistency, support and just being there for her.

Alison, Foster Carer