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  • Start - Introduction from Paul (Fostering Manager)
  • 1 min - Meet foster carer Phil
  • 4 mins 30 – Foster carer Donna shares her experiences
  • 17 mins – Types of fostering
  • 23 mins - Who can foster?
  • 26.30 mins – More from Donna about support networks
  • 28.30 mins – More from Phil!
  • 31 mins – The assessment process
  • 36.50 mins – Support and Benefits
  • 40.12 mins – Training and Development
  • 42.30 mins – Our fostering community (the social side!)
  • 43.40 mins – Final story from Donna (taking a boy to the sea)
  • 44.45 mins – Final thoughts from Paul (Fostering Manager)

My advice to any new foster carers would be to have faith and belief in your skills and abilities. Anyone with life experience has so much to offer already and that’s before the training and support you’ll receive.



We always get asked lots of questions at our webinars, so have included the most commonly asked one's in our FAQ's.

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