Why foster for your local authority?

As a local authority foster carer, you'll be working directly with the children's services of the council who are responsible for over 1,500 looked after children in Liverpool.  Our fostering service is not for profit, and our priority is the welfare of our children and young people.

By choosing to foster with us you'll be helping to keep children in their own communities, giving them access to familiar things, helping them maintain their friendships and education and making their childhood as normal as possible for them.

We need more foster carers to provide stable and loving homes for children of all ages and backgrounds.  Every child is different and so we are looking for a diverse range of foster carers to meet a wide range of needs. 

What our foster carers say

We pride ourselves in the support we provide

If you'd like to pursue a rewarding role as a foster carer, we will support you every step of the way by providing;

  • A dedicated fostering social worker and family support worker
  • Access to support services are all under one roof, giving quick and smooth access to education support, mental health support, plus a 24hr support service.
  • Pre and post-approval training
  • Competitive skills and children's allowance payments
  • Council tax exemption
  • Up to £500 set up fee per child
  • Mileage expenses for travel relating to your role
  • Local support groups and social events
  • Free membership to the UK's leading fostering charities Foster Talk and Fostering Network
  • Free Lifestyles membership for the whole household
  • Access to a holiday home at Presthaven Beach Resort
  • A referral scheme that rewards existing foster carers when a recommended friend is approved with us.

Join our fostering community!

When you foster for Liverpool you’ll enjoy the chance to meet and socialise with other foster families, at regular foster carer forums, social events such as a Christmas party, and join in competitions to win tickets to the theatre and sporting events!  Regular foster carer forums are a great way to meet other carers and learn from each other and professionals in a relaxed and social environment. 

Quote from retired carers, Tony and Carol

"I feel if more people could see what does on behind the scenes and how the social service operate, then I am sure more people would come forward and take up a roll as a foster carer.  

It was an experience that myself and Carol will never forget.  It was nice to know that we were part of a very, very big family called the fostering team"

Our fostering community

If you're already a foster carer

If you’re currently a foster carer with an agency and would like to transfer to Liverpool, we would invite you to get in touch.  After Linda transferred from a fostering agency, she told us about her experiences fostering with Liverpool.

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