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We are one of the largest local authorities in the country, with many children who need our support but also a vast range of peer and professional support to lean on. 

When you foster for Liverpool you’ll enjoy the chance to meet and socialise with other foster families, at regular foster carer forums, social events such as a Christmas party, and join in competitions to win tickets to the theatre and sporting events!  Regular foster carer forums are a great way to meet other carers and learn from each other and professionals in a relaxed and social environment. 

I would like to say a massive thank you for inviting us to the Christmas Party. Our children enjoyed themselves so much. My eldest moaned about having to go, but once there it was such an eye opener when she saw so many children and realised it’s not just her who is in foster care.

Foster carer

Online Events

If you'd like to find out what fostering for Liverpool is like, speak to foster carer Phil at one of our online events.


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