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We have teamed up with John Lewis, to raise awareness about fostering with Liverpool.

John Lewis are famous for their viral Christmas adverts, so we were delighted to see their 2022 film 'The Beginning' about the lengths a foster carer will go to, to help a child feel welcome as she arrives at her new home. The film shows a couple starting their fostering journey, and a foster carer putting his heart and soul into learning how to skateboard in preparation for the arrival of their first foster child Ellie.

John Lewis at Liverpool One are supporting us to spread the word about fostering with Liverpool, and we're delighted to be hosting these events with them.

Information Event - 9th Feb, 6 - 7.30pm

Our next information event will be held at John Lewis on the 9th February, 6-7:30pm.  Join us to hear from Alison, one of our foster carers, who will be telling us about the amazing achievements of a child she has fostered for over six years.

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Drop-in events at 'The Place To Eat' - 30th Jan - 2nd Feb

We will be hosting Drop-In Events from the 30th Jan through to the 2nd Feb which will be held at the Cafe (on the 3rd floor) 11-1:00PM. Come along and find out more about fostering, whilst also being able to see our wonderful 'Stand by me' children's art exhibition!

Stand by me artwork at John Lewis

It’s the things we do that mean the most. 🛹